“Integrity is just one of the four cornerstones of our business. It’s about the way in which we conduct our daily business; how we deal with our customers, suppliers and contractors. It means an approach epitomised by its transparency, honesty, and consistency. We have proved that our integrity and the pride we take in our actions today, secures the strength of our reputation for tomorrow.”


A Campbell Buchanan George home represents quality from start to finish. The locations are prime, the design is sensitive and the customer care is outstanding. Our pride in being the ‘best’ is carried right through to build and finish quality of every home on every site. We work with the best materials, tradesmen and can rely on full support from every area of the company to achieve the best possible outcome. As our Chief Executive says, “The only job worth doing is the right job”.


“Campbell Buchanan George focus on detail at every level and throughout the entire process is the ultimate evidence of our passion for what we do. No stone is left unturned to create the best homes for our customers, and to ensure their complete satisfaction through our after-sales service. It’s our relentless drive to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards that define the Campbell Buchanan George team, our homes and the communities we create and serve.”


“Our industry’s actions can have far-reaching consequences for the lives of individuals, communities and the environment. The Campbell Buchanan George promise is to proceed with full responsibility for these sensitivities. Our legacy is in the form of developments that complement their locations, living spaces that are a source of pride for our customers, and the development of communities. In addition, our responsibilities extend to the broader environment by choosing sustainable locations where we deliver minimal impact with low energy, sustainable homes in sensitive environments.”