Our Region

Focusing largely around West Cambridgeshire, East Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire we are able to build on and contribute to the exciting future for our region. The new A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge, opening in 2020, will transform the areas to the North West and West of Cambridge and will open up new opportunities for easy and quick commuting into Cambridge and beyond. Additionally improvements to the rail network, especially the East Coast Line, continue to improve and speed up commutes into, and beyond, Central London.

Coupled with an enviable position within the country being at the cross roads of major North-South and East-West road networks our region offers high levels of employment within distribution, specialist manufacturing, bioscience, agriculture, technology and education with global companies located in and around Cambridge. Add in excellent education opportunities, beautiful countryside and busy, bustling towns and cities our region offers the chance to live, work and play in one of the fastest growing and prosperous regions outside of London.